Roman Kucharski

Story Circle


We have been in a group by working on an animation for the goldsmith’s university that is based in London, and it is about a journey to media city, to someone who isn’t used to it, and doesn’t know what it is, so people gain gather some more information that they don’t already know.  and gather some extra information about Salford that they need for research, such as the locations.

Leo Bevin

For Salford Story Circle, I have created an animation showing a student’s journey to MediaCityUK. It has taken many weeks and long hours of working but I believe it will help many students hoping to get into a career in Media. My characters represent a student and a mentor. All the information in the animation is very accurate and honest. I am looking forward in continuing work for Salford Story Circle.

Ben Bonnar

For the Salford Story Circle we have been assigned a project to create an animation on the journey to Media City. We had to interview media professionals about what experience they had working in the media and what skills they have acquired throughout their career. We then had to animate the interview using stop animation; we created characters, backgrounds and other things to use in our animation. By creating this animation we have provided an audience with an informative and entertaining interview on how to succeeded in the media industry. YEAH BUDDY.

Hannah Perselli

As part of the StoryCircle project I have created an animation that will help young people complete their journey to MediaCityUK or into the media industry. One of the projects I have produced is a cartoon caterpillar that has to climb onto each leaf that is attached on to a tree. When the caterpillar reaches the top of the tree, it has made it to MediaCityUK. There are four leaves, which are classed as stages of someone’s life when trying to become successful within the media. This is a way to get young people more motivated to get their desired career, as the media industry is very competitive. With MediaCityUK being in Salford it gives a lot of people the opportunity to become successful and may change the way in which people look at Salford. Our animation project will give young people the advice they need, and may answer the career questions that they were looking for.

Craig Southworth

So far in the project we have had our first meeting with Goldsmiths University and met the story circle team. They gave an informative presentation on what the ‘story circle’ was about and why they choose Pendleton College for the project.  The presentation was very informative and throughout it, we were able to ask questions and express our own opinions about what was going on in the project.

Now we have begun two projects that are linked with the story circle. One is an animation project about the journey into media city and what it takes to get there for a career. We have also started to plan a TV show which will take place and be about everyday things in Salford.

Grace Morrow

Goldsmith’s University Story Circle

For Goldsmith’s University we have been asked to produce work on our understanding of the story circle.

For our unit for the story circle we are working on Social Action and Community Production. This is an animation process unit and we have based it on an average student from Salford trying to make their way to MediaCityUK or just trying to work in the Media Industry. The animation will be called ‘Journey to MediaCity’.

The process for the unit began when we had to interview a student per group and asked them their opinions on Salford, Salford’s reputation, the change MediaCityUK will have on Salford, the effect it will have in 5 years time and what they will do to make it in the media industry. We also interviewed Media City experts and what they found do be the best experience to get into the Industry. We also went out to an elderly community center in Little Hulton to find out of the older generation about what Salford was like when they were growing up and how it has changed over recent years.

My stop motion animation is based on a caterpillar named Kitty and starts of her journey at the bottom of the tree and works her way up each leaf on the tree with an informative rap about Media City and the key essentials to help a youth start work with the media industry. The caterpillar eventually ends up at the top of the tree and makes it to MediaCityUK.

The experience I have learnt through the story circle and the unit Social Action and Community Production is mainly what Salford was once like and has Salford’s and its reputation has deteriorated over the years and people opinions on MediaCityUK. I have also learnt to use the Stop Motion in the animation unit in which I had never used before this project.

Sonia Pollard

Goldsmith’s University asked the Media Students of Pendleton College to produce a social action and community project of Life in Salford and how it will change with Media City.


As part of the unit for the story circle project we will be working on an animation project. This title of the project will be called ‘A Journey to Media City’, the process of this project will be based on a students like of trying to achieve a career in the media industry. We interviewed a college student that is interested into getting a career in the future at MediaCityUK where we asked them questions such as what they will do to get a career here, what Salford will be like now that MediaCityUK is based here and what their opinion on Salford was before MediaCityUK was established. We interviewed media experts that have the experience and qualification of working in the industry and asked them many questions of their experience working there and the impact that Media City will have on Salford in the future.


The animation project that I am creating is a Claymation that is based on a dog that is on his way to Media City to try and get a job there but during his journey he bumps into a friend where he questions him where he is going, with the explanation of why he is going to media city the other dog asks him questions such as what experience’s he has already t be able to get a job. The animation is 30 seconds long to 1-minute approx.


The experience that I have learned through the story circle process so far is how to use the Claymation process and learned how Salford was once a popular place and now how its lost its reputation over the years.